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You never want to go through the hassle and stress of deep cleaning your carpets. But at the same time, you want presentable carpeting that is free of contaminants and other health risks. 

When you want beautiful, clean, and healthy carpets, you can count on Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration to deliver. 

Whether you need to keep your carpet warranty valid, or want to provide the healthiest environment for your family, we can help. We have the products, knowledge, and people to care for your flooring. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have about carpet care to ensure that your carpeting remains beautiful and lasts a long time.

Your Carpet Cleaning Professionals

40 Years of Experience

We’ve been committed to providing the highest quality carpet cleaning services since 1981. We are people serving people and 100% stand behind our work. 

Trained & Licensed

All our carpet cleaning technicians are IICRC certified and adhere to industry standards when caring for your carpets. They offer prompt services and will create a customized plan for your specific cleaning needs.

advanced cleaning equipment

Advanced Cleaning Methods

You’ll get the cleanest carpets possible without the use of harsh chemicals and with no sticky residue left behind – just clean carpets.

Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Over time and with regular use, carpeting collects various contaminants including dirt, oils, dander, and allergens. High traffic areas begin to look dull and dirty, you may start to notice odors, and your carpets might be showing signs of wear. Having your carpets cleaned by a professional on a regular basis helps remove those contaminants while ensuring your carpets are healthy and look great.

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

Over time, trapped contaminants located deep within the fibers of your carpet can begin to cause physical damage to your carpet fibers. Much like sandpaper, when you walk on your carpets these contaminants rub against the fibers, leading to wear. Deep cleaning by a professional carpet cleaner helps to remove these contaminants, reducing wear on your carpets.

Professional carpet cleaning service can also help eliminate odors that are trapped in your carpet, and skilled technicians can treat unsightly spots and stains to remove the blemish or to reduce its appearance. Pet odors and stains often require special treatment, but can often be remedied with the help of a professional carpet cleaner.

Ensure a Healthy Environment

Because carpets trap allergens, bacteria, and other potentially harmful contaminants, regular carpet cleaning service helps to remove these things, contributing to a healthier indoor environment for your family. If you have kids or pets, this is especially important to consider. 

How your carpets are cleaned is also important to consider. We provide hot water, truck-mounted, steam-extraction cleaning for both residential and commercial properties. Our high-powered and high-quality equipment is designed to release and extract even the toughest, deepest dirt from your carpets. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Bubbles or ripples can appear in carpets that may need re-streching. In most cases, these ripples will go away as the carpet dries. If your carpet does not return to normal once fully dry, please give us a call. 

Some stains can cause permanent discoloration and stain removal methods may not be effective. We will do everything that is warranted to attempt to remove or minimize the appearance of the stain. 

The total amount of time it will take to clean your carpet depends on the size of the area to be cleaned, the amount of furniture, how dirty the carpets are, and if there are any spots or stains to treat. On average, it takes approximately 20 minutes per room, and most average size homes can be cleaned in under two hours. 

Total drying time can be impacted by a number of factors including humidity, air flow, and temperature. Carpets may remain damp for 8-24 hours after cleaning depending on the conditions. You can promote faster drying by using fans and running your air conditioning or heating system to promote air flow and decrease humidity. 

You may walk on your carpets immediately after cleaning wearing clean, rubber-soled shoes. Just be careful walking from damp carpet to hard floors so you don’t slip!

Residues left behind from carpet cleaning, often due to low-quality equipment or rushed technicians that do not properly rinse and remove all of the cleaning solution from your carpets, can cause carpets to re-soil faster. That’s why its important to choose a professional carpet cleaner with the training, equipment, and experience to clean your carpets with little or no residue left behind. 

Yes. We can move most furniture including tables and chairs and living room furniture. You should remove any items from the furniture that including electronics, fragile items, and plants. We do not move pianos, electronics, or heavy/large furniture items like beds and china cabinets. 

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