What Can A Mold Removal Team Do For Your Hastings Home?

Mold Removal in Hastings: Tips & Prevention

If you see or smell mold in your home, take it seriously. Don’t slap a coat of paint over the stains and hope for the best. You need to ascertain the size, scope, and severity of the damage. You’ve got to know if it has affected the wooden building materials. Are spores being spread through your HVAC? 

Get the answers you need to keep your family safe from trusted mold removal professionals in Hastings. The Yellow Van team can send experts out right away to provide information and solutions. What will they do when they arrive? 

  • Investigate And Plan
  • Take Remediation Steps
  • Cleaning & Mold Control

Investigate And Plan

mold removal in hastings
Hasting homes with high humidity are at a higher risk for mold damage.

Depending on where the problem is very visible or more hidden, the technician will thoroughly and methodically investigate. This could take up to a couple of hours to determine how far the problem has spread. 

If there is a health or legal concern, the consultant may take air and surface samples to identify your particular mold. In most situations, categorizing the exact type of mold is not necessary to draw up a remediation and mold removal plan.    

Don’t try to diagnose your mold problems with a home testing kit. While it will identify some mold, they can’t guarantee a statistically significant sample of air. In order to know if your remediation is complete, you’ll want to be certain of the baseline levels of mold in your home before you start. Only then will you be able to compare results with other non-mold-infected areas. That will be the accurate “goal” for the project. The technician will find the natural, acceptable, safe amount of mold spores for your home. 

General Remediation Steps

Step one of any project is to properly fix the original water problem. In order to prevent new mold spores from growing after the cleanup, you have to correct whatever the plumbing problem was.  

To keep spores from being tracked to other areas, the team will isolate the contaminated area. They will ask you to keep all doors and windows between the contaminated area and other rooms of the home closed during the project. They might also cover all doorways and any other openings with plastic sheeting, sealed with tape. 

All wet and mold-damaged porous materials will be removed. Expect a lot of vacuuming with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration as they clean and dry everything.  

Tips For Our Visit

Before the company is due to arrive, clear out access to the remediation zone.  Secure the pets in a separate room, or put the dog in the backyard. Move cars from the driveway or garage; the team will park a truck close to the door.   

When the team gets there, they will wear head-to-toe white suits, respirators, shoe covers and goggles.  ThisIt’s not an indication that they suspect toxic mold; it is the usual procedure for any time interacting with mold. 

If the mold infestation is severe and you are mold-sensitive, you may have to live elsewhere during cleanup.

Check Your Insurance Policy 

Homeowners’ policies typically cover mold removal and remediation only if the problem results from a sudden emergency already covered: a burst pipe, an appliance malfunction. Insurance usually doesn’t pay if the mold resulted from chronic moisture, deferred maintenance, or floodwaters. 

Always confirm your understanding by consulting with your insurance agent before starting restoration work.  

Cleaning and Mold Control

Managing water damage and mold relies on a complex combination of factors. Since 1981, Yellow Van Carpet and Restoration technicians have made it easy for people to get back into clean, healthy homes in Hastings. For immediate mold removal assistance, give our team a call.