Mold Removal Steps in Grand Island

mold removal grand island, mold remediation grand island, mold removal services grand islandMold damage restoration is an intensive process that is best handled by a professional cleaning and restoration company. However, turning the welfare of your home over to those you have never met before can be a very stressful thing to do. To help ease this stress for our clients we at Yellow Van in Grand Island make sure they are fully aware and informed of each step that we take in the cleaning and restoration process. Here are each one of these steps to help put your mind at ease so you know exactly what will happen if your home requires a mold remediation job.

Mold Removal In Grand Island

The Step-By-Step Mold Remediation Process

  •         Mold Assessment
  •         Water Removal And Drying
  •         Mold Cleanup
  •         HVAC Cleaning
  •         Repair And Restoration
  •         Debrief and Wrap Up

Mold Assessment

The first stage in our services is to simply determine the extent of the damage and make a plan for cleaning it up. In minor cases, all this requires is  quick visual inspection. When the mold is more widespread, however, carpet may need to be peeled or walls knocked down to see how far the mold has spread.

Water Removal And Drying

Before any mold removal can take place, any flood water or excess moisture must first be removed. Mold thrives in damp and flooded situations so it is a critical threat that the water is removed as soon as possible. Quickly acting after a flood so the water can be removed as soon as possible may even prevent a mold problem from ever occurring in the first place.

Mold Cleanup

With the surfaces dried out, the company will then clean off any items that they need to. Sometimes this is relatively easy and involves just a damp wipe. In other cases, they will need to use other more heavy-duty approaches such as wet and dry vacuuming, dry ice vacuuming etc. A HEPA vacuum is a high-efficiency particulate air vacuum which can remove mold from the air as well as debris and dust.

HVAC Cleaning

Mold spores that have infiltrated your air ducts and vents can be quickly spread throughout a home exasperating the mold problem. Thus, a good restoration company will inspect your HVAC systems for the presence of mold spores and clean any mold that is found.

Repair And Restoration

With all the mold removed from your home, the next step is to repair and restore the mold damage. At Yellow Van in Grand Island we offer content restoration services so we will be able to help you through this process as well.


Once the process has been completed, we make it a priority to sit down with you and explain a few things. First, we will communicate the success of our content restoration with you. This is important since sometimes it is impossible to fully restore some items after they have been damaged by mold. We will let you know if this was the case for any of your possessions. Second, we will explain what mistakes you have made that allowed the mold to grow out of control. By doing this, we hope to help you avoid any future mold problems in your home.