Five Indicators Of Water Damage In Your Basement

water damage holdrege, water damage repair holdregeYour basement is a prime target for water damage. Primarily, this is due to the fact that it is the lowest part of your home and gravity will obviously drag water down whenever it is able to. To prevent flooding and water damage from occurring within your basement, you will need to be constantly on guard looking for any of the warning signs that could lead to water damage or show that it has already begun to occur. Thus, we have included five common indicators of basement water damage. Since basements are such a mess to clean up, you don’t have to take on the entire cleanup burden alone. Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration in the Holdrege, Nebraska has certified water damage repair specialists available 24/7 for any flooding or water disasters you may have.


Mold is a sure indicator of the presence of excess water in your basement. Mold flourishes in the damp, dark nooks and crevices of your home. Most basements tend to have an especially large amount of such nooks and crevices. If you find any mold in your basement you should waste no time investigating the sources from which it comes. However, it should be noted that in humid areas mold may grow due to the dampness of the air alone and not from any specific water damage or flooding.


Big or small, any puddles in your home are bad news. Mold growth and damage to your home can be caused by puddles of any size. Puddles can cause more than mold growth as well. If they puddle is large enough and has been there for long enough it could cause structural damage to your home. If you don’t know where the puddle is coming from, it’s important that you find out where the flow is water is and stop it as soon as possible.

Swollen or Discolored Baseboards-

If you notice that your baseboards seem swollen or discolored in any way, you should immediately begin to find any water damage causing the swelling or discoloration. It could also mean that water has somehow leaked behind your baseboards causing the damage to your baseboards without being clearly visible.

Unusual Odors-

Musty and mildewy smells should immediately alert you to the presence of mold. This smell is most common in high humidity areas, but if you smell it at all you should investigate to find the source of the smell


Cracks in the upper levels of your home are obviously potential causes of flooding. Cracks near drains or any water sources should be of greater concern. However, cracks can also be a sign of an even more serious problem in structural damage to your home.

We at Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration hope that you never have the need to call us or any other professional cleaning service due to water damage. However, we know that even after your best efforts have expended accidents still happen. If that is the case for you and you live in the Holdrege area, don’t hesitate to call our certified pros on call day and night.