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Upholstery & Leather Cleaning

Your household or business furniture can be an excellent investment and can really add to the ambiance of an environment. Leather furniture is a popular choice of furniture material in many professional office settings. People tend to forget that upholstery and leather can be cleaned and repaired to preserve the natural beauty and life of your furniture.

Though there are many cleaners designed for upholstery and leather, store-bought cleaners can often break down material and create more damage. Leather will often experience dryness and cracking when not properly cleaned and cared for. Other upholstery can rip, tear, and fade away.

Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration can rescue upholstery and leather from:

  • Inks or Dyes
  • Dirt, Sand & Other Natural Fibers
  • Dust & Air Pollutants
  • Body Oils, Animal Oils, Grease

Our team of Specialists is educated to identify different types of upholstery fabrics and leather types, and the proper cleaning methods for all. If you want your upholstery and leather preserved and looking brand new, make sure you schedule routine upholstery cleanings 2-4 times a year.

Call our office for a free cleaning estimate. For your convenience, we can clean your furniture at your home or office, or at our shop. Save yourself the time and hassle of dropping your furniture off, ask us about our convenient pick-up and delivery options!


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