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Handle Water Damage Repair Like A Professional

Water damage can occur in many ways. Sometimes, it is a little leak that, over time, turns into a big mess of mold and mildew that has built up. Other times, it is a little more sudden- having a pipe burst, or having a major flood in your hometown. While these situations do not always […]

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Places To Repair In Case Of Water Damage Issues

When water damage happens in your Grand Island home, the source needs to be addressed and stopped as quickly as possible, so that the repair can be started. Because there are so many different potential sources of water damage in our homes, it can be overwhelming to figure out where the water is coming from. […]

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Hazardous Water During Property Water Damage Repair

Water is a necessary component of life, and here in Grand Island, Nebraska, it’s an integral part of our hot and humid summers too. But not all water is created equal, especially when it comes to flooding.  Some can be simply inconvenient, while others can be deadly. The following are a few general types of […]

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Preparing For Water Damage And Avoid Repairs

Water damage can happen at any point and time and without a lot of warning. It’s best to be prepared before the unfortunate occurrence of unwanted water striking your Grand Island residence. The best preparation comes with having a sound understanding of the do’s and don’ts in a water damage crisis. Having this knowledge can […]

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holdrege water damage

Safety Concerns: Water Damage Cleanup in Holdrege

One of the biggest mistakes people make after their home floods is underestimating how dangerous the water damage repair process can be. There are actually numerous safety hazards that have the potential to occur after a flood. At Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration in Holdrege, we want you to be as safe as possible throughout […]

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Five Things You Can Buy To Speed Up Water Damage Restoration

Getting floodwater out of your home as soon as possible after a flood is a top priority. The sooner the floodwater is removed, the sooner your home will be able to begin to recover. The best way to remove floodwater from your home after a flood is to hire a professional cleaning and restoration company […]

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Precautionary Steps to Avoid Water Damage

Water damage repair in your home can rake up a hefty bill. By the time the water is extracted, dehumidification is complete, structural drying has finished, carpets and upholstery have been cleaned, and structural repairs have been made, you could be spending a small fortune. Water damage is unpredictable, and can strike your Holdrege home […]

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Water Damage Clean Up – The Right Way

When it comes to water damage clean up and repair, using the right equipment is the difference between proper restoration and simple cleanup. The Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration team is well versed in the different techniques and steps required depending on the type of water damage that has ensued. For example, water from burst […]

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hastings water damage repair

Water Damage Repair in Hastings

3 Water Damage Repairs You Should Never Do Yourself This day and age where YouTube is such a valuable and frequently used tool for diy-ers is different from previous generations. Many people are being more innovative and trying things they never would have tried before. Though it is great to be self-sufficient, there are some […]

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Water Damage And Its Effects Over Time

A water disaster is a very time-sensitive situation. Every minute that a flooded home goes without being restored the damage grows. To illustrate this, below are descriptions of what typically happens to water-damaged homes after minutes and weeks. Our hope at Yellow Van in the Grand Island area is that our community reduces the risk of […]

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