What You Need to Know About Mold in Your Home

mold removal grand islandMold is a very common thing for homeowners to discover. You may think mold is no big deal and maybe it will disappear or be fine with some normal cleaning, but mold is more than just some gross-looking spots on your wall. Mold removal must be handled cautiously and often requires professional removal with specific cleaning supplies. Here are a few important things to know regarding mold and how to deal with it.

Mold Removal in Grand Island

Mold is bad for breathing.

Mold is more than just dark spots you can see on the wall. If you have allergies, asthma, or any respiratory diseases, or if your immune system is compromised, then mold can be dangerous in your home. Children and elderly people are also at higher risk of getting sick from mold.  It affects the air that you breathe, making it dangerous to inhale. It can make you very sick. If mold removal is not handled properly, it can grow back and cause long-term health effects.

Mold is caused by poor ventilation.

You may think that mold can only grow in your home if you have experienced water damage, but this is false. While it is true that you are likely to get it if you do have water damage, mold can also form through poor ventilation in your home. Taking long, steamy showers without an open window or other ways to ventilate properly can cause mold spores to form and grow. That is why bathrooms are often the most common area of the home to have mold. They are also common in kitchens where food is cooked on the stove, producing steam. Anywhere with high moisture and humidity levels is a risk for growing mold. If you notice mold spores starting to grow, you should contact a professional right away.

Mold can be tricky to clean.

Knowing the best way to clean it depends on the amount of mold within a certain area. Small areas with mold spores can be scrubbed with detergent and water and dried completely. More absorbent surfaces, such as carpet and ceiling tiles, will likely need to be thrown away if infected with mold. Painting over mold does not remove it, but will cause the paint to peel. The best way to ensure that mold is removed is to have a professional mold removal service come in and take care of it. It is important to remember that mold can make you sick. If you are going to attempt to clean it yourself, you should always protect yourself by wearing long rubber gloves, goggles, and a respirator or mask to protect yourself.

Mold Removal—Grand Island, Nebraska

Mold can be dangerous, and you do not want to ignore it. If you discover mold in your Grand Island home, do not wait to get it removed. To be safe, do not try to clean it up yourself. Call Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration to take care of it for you. They will ensure it is cleaned and removed so you and your family can stay safe.