Hastings Weather Events That Can Cause Water Damage

water damage restoration hastings, water damage cleanup hastings, water damage repair hastingsMother Nature is one of the greatest water damage restoration threats out there. Because of the unpredictable nature of the weather and how destructive it can be at times, it’s important that you do all you can to keep your home safe and secure from water damage threats. Here are five of the main weather hazards you should be prepared for from our water damage restoration experts at Yellow Van in Hasting, NE.

Water Damage Restoration In Hastings


Hurricanes are arguably the most potent weather-related water damage threat out there. The extreme winds of a hurricane are sufficient to tear down entire structures and cause severe damage. When this happens, the resulting water damage restoration is only amplified further. If you live in an area prone to hurricanes, you may want to consider shuttering your windows or investing in extra-strong glass to prevent it from breaking in a storm. 


Tornadoes pose a water damage restoration threat similar to that of hurricanes. This is because once the extreme winds of a tornado damage a structure, it is all-too-easy for the rain to result in water damage. The same logic for hurricanes applies to tornadoes as well. Consider investing in shutters or tougher windows to prevent a tornado from exposing your home to the elements. 


Hail storms can be a terrifyingly potent cause of water damage. While not all hail poses an immediate threat, hail that reaches a certain size is extremely dangerous. The National Weather Service classifies a “serious” hail storm as a storm where the hail particles are an inch in diameter or greater. Hail of this size can break through an old or vulnerable roof and even break windows. Once this happens, your home will will with water and hail very quickly leading to a serious water damage disaster. 

Winter Storms

Whether it comes in rain, snow, sleet, or ice it is all water and can all be damaging to your home. The most common water damage problem that comes with cold weather is frozen pipes. The solution is simple. Just remember to either shut your water off completely so it’s not in your pipes at all or keep it at a constant drip when the temperature drops below freezing to prevent your pipes from freezing and bursting

Flash Flooding

Flash flooding is caused by severe thunderstorms and other intense rainstorms. When it comes to rainstorms, flash flooding is the number one cause of death throughout the United States averaging 140 deaths each year. To protect yourself from this danger, subscribe to local alerts and notification systems in your community so you can be informed if this becomes a potential danger for you. 

As you can see, adverse weather can lead to water damage and restoration costs in your home in a variety of different ways. Do all you can to learn and prepare for these hazards!. Even if you’ve done all that and still suffer property damage, however, give us a call for help ASAP at Yellow Van in Hasting.