Ticking Time Bombs: The Five Appliances Most Likely To Cause A Water Damage Disaster

water damage restoration hastings, water damage repair hastings, water damage cleanup hastingsAppliances perform a lot of very important functions in a home. It would be difficult to get through the day without them! However, they also pose a serious water damage threat to your home. From our water damage restoration experts at Yellow Van, here are four of the appliances that pose the greatest water damage threat to your Hastings home. 

Water Damage Restoration In Hastings


The typical dishwasher uses about 6 gallons of water per cycle. This isn’t a massive amount of water by any means but it is enough to cause some serious problems for you if your dishwasher begins leaking. Additionally, you should also look out for the gradual leaking that can occur from a dishwasher. Basically, this means looking on the floor around your dishwasher for unexplained pools of moisture. To prevent water damage from your dishwasher, one of the best things you can do is make sure all its seals are tight. 

Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters go through a lot of water so a leak from one of them can be devastating. It’s extremely important that you keep an eye on hot water heaters the older they are as well. Most hot water heaters have a lifespan between 10-20 years so if yours is approaching these deadlines you should be very cautious. And remember, it’s much better to put in the money up front to replace an old water heater than deal with the water damage costs from an old water heater and then still have to buy a new one. 


The most common cause of a leaky refrigerator is the defrost drain having a freeze or clog. You’ll need to thaw the ice and flush your drain with hot water. Improper sealing can cause excess condensation in an attempt to keep cool. Check the rubber seals along the door to assure a tight close. Your ice maker can also become the culprit so be on the lookout for puddles of water around your refrigerator that could indicate a leaky ice maker. Also, make sure you turn your ice maker off any time you’ll be out of your home for an extended period. 

Washing Machine

The hose that connects your washing machine to your water supply is the main place you should look for a leak. Do a monthly inspection to look for loose connections, rust, or pooling water. Even if your hoses look like they are in fine shape, it is still a good idea to replace them very five years or so to ensure they are in good shape. 

At Yellow Van, we hope these tips help you prevent your appliances from causing any water damage in your home. While they may be ticking time bombs, they can be easily defused by following the advice above. However, if your home does ever sustain any water damage for any reason don’t hesitate giving us a call for help.