Water Damage Restoration: Inside And Out

Water damage can come from a number of different sources inside and outside of your Gand Island home. It’s not enough to simply work to prevent water damage that originates within your home. Just as many potential sources of water damage exist outside your home as well. From our water damage restoration experts at Yellow Van, below are three sources of water damage from both inside and outside your home.

Water Damage Restoration In Grand Island


Broken Or Leaky Pipes

This is one of the most significant water damage threats that can occur within a home. Even a small crack in a pipe can quickly lead to a serious flood. A burst pipe is a completely different matter and is almost sure to lead to a destructive flood unless you are able to shut off the water right away. This is an especially concerning problem during the winter when pipes are vulnerable to freezing and bursting.

Malfunctioning Appliances

Your appliances go through a lot of water each day. A malfunction in any one of them can lead to water leaking out and causing water damage in your home. Sometimes this can occur with large amounts of water. More commonly, however, these appliances spring small leaks that are difficult to detect allowing damage to accumulate over time.

Plumbing Issues

Plumbing problems are another significant source of indoor water damage. Commonly, this occurs when drains become clogged or blocked. When this happens, water can overflow due to the faulty drains and lead to flooding.


Clogged Rain Gutters

Your rain gutters are designed to prevent water damage, but they don’t do you any good if they are clogged full of leaves and other debris. When they are clogged, they can’t filter rainwater away from your home. Instead, the water overflows over the gutters and pools around the base of the home.

Landscaping Mishaps

Believe it or not, your landscaping plays an important role in whether or not your home is protected against water damage. Landscaping can contribute to water damage in two main ways. First, it can happen when trees are planted above pipes running through the ground. As the roots grow, they can cause a pipe to burst if the pipe blocks their path. Second, the grade of your yard should be slightly sloped away from your home so water will naturally run away from your home. If your yard is sloped towards your home for some reason, though, you will need to be extra cautious about rainwater pooling around your home.

Unprotected Window Wells

Window wells provide an easy access point for water to leak into your basement. This hazard is easily avoided by using window well covers. Window well covers are affordable, effective, and easy to install.

No matter where water damage to your home may originate, our water damage restoration technicians at Yellow Van have the training and experience necessary to take care of any home or business water damage related problem in Grand Island. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if your home is ever flooded or affected by water damage in any way and is in need of immediate restoration attention.