Water Damage Restoration: Yes And No’s Of Cleaning Up

water damage restoration grand island, water damage grand island, water damage repair grand islandOn those rainy days in Grand Island, you may not want to head outside. For most people rainy days mean chilling inside with a blanket and hot cocoa, watching a movie and listening to the pitter patter of rain drops on your roof. It sounds quite relaxing but only if you’re inside. There is a reason you don’t want to go outside. You’ll get wet! The sound and smell of rain is a common favorite. Just as water can do damage to our perfectly great looks, it can also cause damage to our homes or offices. 

Water Damage Restoration In Grand Island

Water, even water that we don’t necessarily see such as droplets of water in the air like humidity, can cause serious damage if left unattended. Structures can soften and weaken, mold can grow, and the water itself can grow dangerous pathogens that could cause you to get sick. Water damage restoration always requires a fast action in order to return your home and belongings to the way they were. It’s good to know what to do and what not to do when water damage occurs so you can get started fast.

The No’s

We’ll start by stating all the things that, no, you should not do. For starters, your safety is key. If the water damage is extensive and is in areas where power or electricity may be a problem, stay away until a professional arrives. Don’t use appliances that use electricity.

Don’t try to perform water damage restoration yourself. It is something that if not done right can cause even greater problems in the future. As mentioned if surfaces aren’t properly dried, mold can begin to grow and structures can weaken. These are hazards to your health and in the long run you could be spending a lot more money to get it restored back to normal than you would have if you just got it taken care of the first time. 

It’s understandable however that when something like water damage happens, you want to help in whatever capacity. There are still plenty of things that you can do to save your possessions and home. Follow the yes’s below in doing so.

The Yes’s

It’s already been mentioned that your safety is important so if electricity is a problem turn off the power. Your possessions are not only important to you but also to the professional water damage restoration specialist that will come in to help so remove anything that is near the water. Particularly be sure to remove books and documents from water. Any wooden furniture should be moved swiftly as well. The longer items are exposed to water, the more damage there will be and the less likely they will be able to be fixed by a water damage restoration specialist. You can put towels or other things down to absorb moisture and put up fans to begin the drying process.

Ultimately, be very quick in calling a water damage restoration team, like those at Yellow Van, to come to your home. They are aware of the consequences of water damage and will get there in a timely manner to get things taken care of.