The Importance Of Time Management When It Comes To Water Damage Cleanup

water damage cleanup aurora, water damage restoration aurora, water damage repair auroraWhen your home in Aurora sustains water damage, fast and efficient drying is essential to mitigate the damage to your home and prevent mold growth and high cleanup costs. The water damage cleanup experts at Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration, we have invested in advanced structural drying systems that speed up drying time so we can reduce the amount of damage to your home. The sooner you call us, the better off you and your home will be. In fact, the following timeline will show you just how important every minute is when it comes to water damage cleanup:

Water Damage Cleanup In Aurora

First few minutes following water damage:

Water spreads quickly throughout the exposed area, penetrating through walls, floorboards, and other unseen areas of the home. Everything in the water’s path becomes saturated with water, and items such as photos and paper goods begin to warp wet and become swollen. Materials that make up upholstery on furniture and carpet begin to absorb moisture, and become heavy and sodden with water. 

First 24 hours following water damage:

Breakdown of materials will begin to occur. Metal objects will begin to tarnish, rust, and corrode, while drywall will start to break down under the swelling from the moisture. Furniture will begin to crack under the weight of the swelling, and any colors and dyes from fabrics will begin to bleed and spread. Mold growth begins in as little as 24 hours, and a must odor will start to spread throughout the area. 

First 48 hours following water damage:

Mold growth spreads through pores, and mildew can start to be seen on surfaces. Mold can lead to a very serious problem, and spreads and grows very rapidly when moisture is present. Wood that has been immersed in water will begin to warp, including wood floors, doors, and window frames. Metal objects will continue to corrode, furniture will continue to deteriorate, and carpet may no longer be salvageable. Other microorganisms can begin to grow in the water, and contamination may begin to be a threat.

Up to one week following water damage:

By this time, water damage cleanup time and costs have increased significantly, and the chance of repair and salvaging items decreases significantly. Extensive cleaning, decontamination, repair, and rebuild are more likely necessary. The structural integrity of the home is greatly compromised, posing a serious threat to those in the area. Other serious health threats are likely present from the mold growth and contamination of the water.  

It is clear to see how quickly damage can worsen when your home is exposed to water. That is why we are there for you any time, day or night. From water extraction to dehumidification, Yellow Van will be there as soon as possible to get the cleanup process started right away. Our water damage cleanup services include water extraction, structural drying,  dehumidification, thermal energy drying, mold prevention, carpet and upholstery cleaning, structural repairs, and any other services your home may need. When you let us take care of your home, you can rest assured that even deep, trapped moisture is removed from your home, saving you from a wide range of potential secondary problems to water damage. Call Yellow Van right away when you need water damage cleanup services in Aurora.