Common Mistakes Homeowners Make Following Fire Damage

fire damage hastings, fire damage cleanup hastings, fire damage restoration hastingsAfter the flames of a house fire have dwindled, you would think all the damage has been done. However, the damage can actually get worse if the right actions are not taken in the right order. Here are the 3 most common mistakes homeowners in Hastings make following a fire that can actually lead to more damage: 

Fire Damage In Hastings

Getting Overwhelmed

Now this is much easier said than done, but you cannot let yourself become overwhelmed. Most of the time, homeowners will assume the damages done to their home are at 100 percent, when, in actuality, it is only at 25 percent. We know it looks bad (really bad) once the flames are out. Charred materials, soot, and ash all leave behind a pretty devastating scene to the untrained eye, especially when it is your own home and belongings that you are seeing the remains of. With the right professional help, nearly anything and everything can be repaired and restored to pre-loss condition – which just so happens leads to the next most common (and costly) mistake.

Failing To Call A Certified Fire Damage Restoration Company

Trying to save a little money by handling fire damage repair on your own, or having a friend try to help you when neither of you have the proper expertise or experience, will actually end up costing you more in the long run (both with time and money). You need to call a company that is licensed and certified in proper fire damage repair and restoration (bonus is they are also a licensed general contractor) as soon as the fire is put out. With emergency response services, these full-service companies not only handle all the clean up, but they can also rebuild your home and are available as soon as the disaster happens. Calling the right company ensures that your home will be restored to its pre-loss condition as quickly as possible, all while mitigating any further damage. Consequently, you will be able to let go of any overwhelming feelings when you call a fire damage restoration because they will handle everything, and we mean everything, so this will also help you avoid mistake number one.

Not Keeping A Record of Damage

Your homeowner’s insurance will reimburse you for your losses in the fire as long as you have a detailed record of the damage. Photos and lists can help you keep an accurate inventory of your belongings, including what can be saved and what is a total loss. Once the fire department has deemed the premises safe to enter, you need to remove as many valuable belongings as possible to increase the odds of salvaging them. This is a good time to assess damages, gather personal belongings, and begin the task of recording damages for your insurance. Everything that was lost should be recorded, even down to food that was discarded. 

If you have suffered a house fire in Hastings, Yellow Van is ready for your call 24/7. We understand the devastation that follows a fire, and want to be able to take care of your every need from start to finish. Don’t make the same mistakes many homeowners have made, and call Yellow Van right away.