Places To Repair In Case Of Water Damage Issues

water damage repair grand island, water damage grand island, water damage cleanup grand islandWhen water damage happens in your Grand Island home, the source needs to be addressed and stopped as quickly as possible, so that the repair can be started. Because there are so many different potential sources of water damage in our homes, it can be overwhelming to figure out where the water is coming from. If you find water damage in your home and the source is unknown, here are some of the first places you should look. These will help keep repair costs down:  

Water Damage Repair In Grand Island

Washing Machine

On average, washing machines use 30 gallons of water per load. Because of all the water running in and out of the washing machine, it is a common culprit of water damage. The water supply hoses can deteriorate over time, and the connections can loosen. The water hoses should be checked regularly and routinely to ensure that the connections are secure, and that there are no leaks in the hoses. To prevent the washing machine from flooding, do not overfill the tub, avoid using too much detergent, and be sure that you are using the right detergent for your machine. Keep your eye on the hoses, and replace them at least every 5 years. If you notice your washing machine leaking water, shut off the water supply to it and call to get it serviced before using it again.


Like the washing machine, the dishwasher is another common cause of water damage in the home. Most cycles use around 6 gallons of water, so although it does not use as much water as the washing machine, it can still cause some serious damage if it leaks. Using too much dish soap, adding too much dish soap, and having a clogged kitchen drain are some of the things that can cause the dishwasher to malfunction and cause water damage in your home. Be sure to clean out your dishwasher regularly to avoid clogs, and make sure that you are not overfilling the dishwasher. Check the water hoses regularly for any signs of leaks, and get them repaired or replaced as soon as possible if you notice anything that could compromise its integrity. 

Air Conditioners

In Santa Rosa, our air conditioners get a lot of use. As a staple in our homes, our AC units need regular and routine maintenance to prevent them from leaking water all over inside. To cool down the air, air conditioners remove moisture from the air. If not properly drained, or if blocked or clogged, that moisture will leak out. Most people never suspect their AC units as the source of water damage, so leaks can go unnoticed or unattended for prolonged periods of time. Check your air conditioner at least once, if not twice, each year to be sure that it is functioning correctly and to prevent it from causing water damage in your home.

While all of these appliances make our lives easier and more convenient, they can cause some serious damage if not regulated and maintained. If you find water damage in your home, regardless of the source, Yellow Van in Grand Island is ready to respond and quickly to minimize the damage and restore your home. For all your water damage repair needs, call a professional team.