Fire Damage Repair Tips

fire damage restoration grand island, fire damage cleanup grand island, fire damage repair grand islandAfter the initial shock of a house fire, immediate action is crucial to cleanup and repair the home. You have several immediate problems like protecting rooms with broken windows, avoiding contamination of other rooms with soot, and drying the carpets. Since mold and mildew work faster than you do, maximize the first few hours by taking action to reduce the damage. 

The moment that you are safe, you need to call in an expert fire damage repair team. One telephone call will dispatch a professional team and equipment to help you salvage as many possessions as possible. So, while you wait for the experts at Yellow Van in Grand Island to arrive, use your time wisely. Quickly inventory your contents and identify the objects with the best chances of saving. 

Safety First, Then Assessment

As soon as the Yellow Van team arrives at your home, the safety of your family and home are the top priority. The absolute first step of a remediation professional will check for signs of structural damage that the property is safe to enter. The team will search and carefully inspect the property from the outside before opening the door.

Next, the Yellow Van technician will assess the extent of the damage by exploring how far the fire, the smoke, and airborne soot have traveled. In order to create a precise plan of action and an accurate quote, they will also document the damage to your walls, furniture and possessions. At every step of the way, the technician will wear proper gear– to protect themselves and your possessions. 

After a fire, the next step is to get the carpet dry. The longer carpet stays saturated with water, the more damage occurs. After the carpet is completely dry, it is time to clean it. In most cases, a restoration contractor will be drying the space to ensure the entire space is dry.In other words, a basic carpet cleaner will not have the tools, technical savvy or experience to get the best results in your home. 


While you wait for the professionals, here are some things you can do to minimize additional damage and speed the cleanup process.

  • If circuit breakers can be safely accessed, turn off power in all affected areas. 
  • If practical, mop up or blot the wet area with towels.
  • Anything that could cause staining on wet carpets or floors, like books or newsprint items should be removed (especially Oriental rugs.)
  • Be sure your hands are always clean.  You don’t want to spread the soot around.
  • Close doors on affected areas to control smoke odor.
  • Remove pets (especially birds) to clean environment.

DO NOT. . .

  • Don’t attempt to wipe or wash the walls, ceilings, or other absorbent surfaces. Soot needs specialized attention to be removed successfully.  
  • Don’t sit or lie on upholstered furniture.
  • Don’t use exposed food goods or canned goods that have been subject to excessive heat.
  • Don’t use TVs, stereos, ceiling fans, or any other electrical appliances until cleaned and checked.

What To Expect From Yellow Van

When you call the team at Yellow Van, we will professionally clean upholstery, drapes, carpets, walls, and all other contents. And they will deep clean trim and hardware on kitchen and bathroom fixtures and appliances. But perhaps the best service they can offer is experience. We have weathered the storm before and they will help you get through it. 

Professional Fire Damage Repair In Grand Island

Fire damage is one of the most traumatic disaster occurrences that property owners face. If fire and smoke have damaged your property, Yellow Van Cleaning And Restoration strives to bring your fire damaged structures to its original pre-loss condition.

Yellow Van team members have developed effective techniques to remove smoke stains and flood debris caused by fire and water on many different types of surfaces. With offices throughout Grand Island, you can count on a quick response time and superior service.