Fire Damage Repair in Grand Island: Tips

5 Tips For Dealing With Fire Damage in Grand Island

A fire consuming your home is one of the worst things you can witness as a homeowner in Grand Island. Things that you worked so hard for or loved can be damaged or destroyed in what seems like a blink of an eye. If you have had fire damage or smoke damage in your home, you’ve come to the right place. 

fire damage grand island

Here are 5 pieces of advice for “picking up the pieces” and staying safe after your home experiences fire damage

  1. Keep in mind that there are still safety hazards long after the flames have been extinguished. Wait until you have been “cleared” by authorities to re-enter any property that has recently suffered from fire damage, and remember that soot, dust, and dirty water may contain things that will make you sick. 
  2. Be careful not to touch things as they can be harmful, or you could stir up soot and ash and cause more damage by moving items around. If your home has been victim to serious fire damage, it is likely that anything you want to keep will have to be carefully cleaned. 
  3. Be careful with utilities. The fire department will make sure that your utility services (gas, electricity, water) are safe to use again. Do not try to turn them on or use them for the first time post-fire by yourself. 
  4. Begin the process of recovering important documents. If you lost birth certificates, driver’s licenses, military discharge papers, passports, titles and deeds, wills, auto registrations, or other papers in the fire, there are ways that you can go about getting replacements of these, and you should begin assessing what has been lost and recovering them right away. 
  5. Document all fire damage. Take pictures and assess the situation; what has been lost? What can be safely recovered? Create a “loss list” and keep good notes of conversations with the fire department, the insurance company, and the restoration company

The above steps will help you to be safe as you begin your restoration process. In addition, if you’re feeling a little lost or unsure what steps you should take next, call a trusted fire damage restoration company. An expert can help you know exactly what needs to be done, and how to do it to minimize the damage and cost you’ll end up with.

Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration is a great choice in Grand Island. We’ll treat your fire damage emergency with all the urgency you would, but with the proper training and equipment. We know how inconvenient fires are- which is why we do everything we can to make restoration as easy and convenient for you as possible. Give us a call today.