Autumn Maintenance To Prevent Water Damage

water damage repair holdrege, water damage holdrege, water damage cleanup holdregeProtect yourself against costly water losses and homeowner’s insurance claims. As the season changes, make it a habit to do some preventative maintenance. To keep your home safe from water damage, do these chores this fall.

Ensure Good Drainage

Clean your gutters at least twice a year to avoid blockage and ice dams. Standing water can cause damage to your gutters and roof, and unmanaged overflow may create puddles that could damage your foundation. Don’t forget to clean downspouts to ensure water can flow through, and secure downspouts so that they point away from the home.

Maintain trees and vegetation. Plan your landscape so that roots don’t wrap around your pipes and break them. Minimize large perennials near utility pipes; remove trees and shrubs that have become too big.

Maintain The Interior  

Do a walk through today. Check all home appliances regularly for leaks; fix promptly. If you opt to ignore moisture damage or postpone making the necessary repairs be prepared to experience mold, mildew, dry rot, or even structural damage to your home.

An easy, inexpensive fix to complete this weekend is to upgrade the washing machine hoses to braided steel. Old, brittle or leaky washing machine hoses are among the most frequent causes of water loss for homeowners. 

Install water detection devices that sound an alarm when its sensor comes in contact with moisture. Its main benefit is that it detects low moisture levels or slow leaks that often go unnoticed. Install it near water heaters, sump pumps, washing machines, dishwashers and toilets to prevent extensive damage and mold growth.

Monitor your water bill. Sometimes, the only way you know that water is leaking is by taking a closer look at your water bill. If your usage jumps significantly from one month to the next without explanation, check out all the possibilities. If you are left with no explanation, a professional water damage restoration team can help you search. 

Plan For Problems

Even with the best-maintained home, you know that someday a disaster will strike; so plan ahead. For example, know the location of your water main in case of an emergency. Make it a habit to shut it off if you leave for an extended amount of time. If no water goes into the house, chances are no faucet drips can wreak havoc on your home while you’re away.

For homes with basements, sump pumps should be tested every year. However, in some cases, your sump pump might actually benefit from more regular cleanings. In some houses, sump pumps are used to dispose of water from washing machines which can put additional strain on a sump pump system.

Cleaning And Restoration Help In Holdrege

Managing water damage on your own can be overwhelming. Since 1981, Yellow Van Carpet and Restoration technicians have provided environmental services that get people back into clean, healthy homes. If you have suffered from a flood or other water emergency, call Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration for water damage repair in Holdrege.