What is High-Speed Structural Drying?

water damage cleanup grand island, water damage grand islandWhen a storm, sewage backup, or burst pipes allow water into your home, you must act fast to eliminate moisture before mold and decay begin. Any delay in the drying process increases costs, allows decay and provides an opportunity for mold and mildew growth. To protect your most expensive asset– your home– take advantage of the advanced technology and equipment to get your home back to normal as soon as possible.

What is a “Structural Drying System”?

Instead of opening a window, turning on a fan and simply waiting, today’s professionals take control of the drying process. Structural drying is a simple concept– remove excess moisture from all wet materials that make up the structure. By managing a) the temperature of any wet materials, b) humidity levels and c) air flow, restoration teams can dry the unseen areas that could lead to future damage. A complete drying plan ensures that not just the air, but all the affected building materials are addressed. Today, the drying process is faster and utilizes more efficient equipment than available in the past.

The older type conventional refrigerant dehumidifiers are less efficient than today’s LGR (Low-Grain Refrigerants) dehumidifiers. These newer units use an enhanced step of pre-cooling to lower the moisture-laden air temperatures so more condensation can occur. Though more expensive, LGR dehumidifiers will remove as much as ten times more moisture over conventional refrigerant units.

Why is it Important?

An advanced structural drying system speeds up the drying time, reduces the amount of interruption in your life and helps reduce the amount of damage to your property. If the drying process is too slow, water could leak onto previously unaffected materials, create secondary damage, encourage mold growth, or cause wood to warp. Remediation contractors locate structural voids, or hidden spaces, and address existing AND FUTURE water issues.

Who Can Help You In Central Nebraska?

Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration train their technicians to use the most modern drying equipment for their customers in Kearney and Grand Island. Using thermal imaging technology, and other cutting-edge technology, allows Yellow Van to locate where water has traveled, or areas where water damage may be hidden. Throughout the structural drying process, thermal imaging can be used to document dryness of an area without being invasive.

Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration

Yellow Van’s restoration team can handle all your drying needs, regardless of size and scope.

Since 1981, friendly and experienced carpet cleaning technicians have been committed to providing disaster restoration services– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or at yellowvan.com.

Nothing saves homeowners (and insurance companies) more claim dollars and angst than for the qualified restoration contractor to arrive on site on the day of the loss. With offices in Kearney, Grand Island, and Hastings, Yellow Van Cleaning and Restoration can offer prompt, emergency service throughout South Central Nebraska. Call 1-844-755-7416 and tell your insurance provider that you prefer Yellow Van Cleaning & Restoration.