The True Dangers of Mold

MoldMold Removal Grand Island, Mold Inspection Grand Island, Mold Damage Grand Island is something that strikes fear into the hearts of many homeowners and business owners who understand the toll it can take on their building and their own personal health. However, many people still don’t realize the seriousness of mold growth on their property. Why exactly is mold such a big deal? Why is professional mold remediation necessary?

Down to the Nitty Gritty

First off, let’s go over what mold is and what makes it so dangerous. The smallest speck of mold actually contains millions of microscopic spores. These spores can multiply like crazy and will spread absolutely everywhere and anywhere if airborne by the slightest breeze.  It’s a common opinion that if you just spray any visible mold with a bleach solution it will kill it, however, this couldn’t be less true. The force of a spray bottle will send billions of spores into the air, putting you at risk of inhaling them and also risking the spores spreading and multiplying in other places.

Mold Can Take a Toll on Your Health

First off, mold can negatively affect your health and the health of everyone in your home. Mold can cause common allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Beyond these severe effects, it can cause many different common health issues like wheezing, difficulty breathing, a persistent sore throat, congested sinuses, skin rashes, and skin irritation. The longer that you wait to hire mold remediation services, the longer that the mold can wreak havoc on your health and the health of your workers or family.

Structural Damage

Because individual spores are so extremely tiny, they can easily penetrate every nook and cranny. This goes as deep as the inside of your walls and ceilings. When mold gets into your walls, the spores will multiply and spread, weakening the structures and putting your building at risk of collapsing.

Difficult to Remove

In most cases, the source of any visible mold goes deep beneath the surfaces. Even if you effectively remove all of the visible spots, there is most likely more mold spores beneath the surface multiplying and spreading. From there, it is only a matter of time before it becomes visible again. Trained mold remediation specialist, such as yellow Van Restoration, have the proper tools and equipment to completely remove mold without the risk of it returning.

What Should You Do if You Find Mold?

If you find mold anywhere on your property, you should take rapid steps to hire a mold remediation company like Yellow Van Restoration. Mold spores are microscopic and can cling to anything, so they are incredibly difficult to completely remove. If you don’t get the job done right the first time, the mold will start growing back the second that it can. Mold remediation involves completely removing the problem and then re-testing to make sure that it’s gone. If you settle for do-it-yourself mold remediation, you can rest assured that you missed some. Since mold is so small it can also be found anywhere, from ceiling tiles, to underneath carpet pads, to inside ductwork and walls, to behind wallpaper. Only professionals will be able to properly inspect your home and effectively conduct mold remediation services.